Spring coming soon ??

Hej där! Hur är du? Jag mår bra!
Hey ! How are you ? I'm fine !

Jag gick till middag med min vän igår kväll.Jag åt vegan kinesisk mat! Det var riktigt trevligt :)

I went to dinner with my friend last night .
I ate vegan Chinese food! It was really nice :)

And I got wine :d 

Now I listening to swedish radio from Stockholm ! 

 Jag förstår inte!!!!
I can't understand all ! 

But it is fun :)

Barbra :D

How is the weather over there? It is very warm in Japan.Spring is just around the corner. I watched the flower of the plum this morning! It was really beautiful .
I haven't seen any uguisu this year .  I love winter but recently I think I like spring better than winter.

Japanese spring is like the summer of sweden . 

I love påsk.Easter is not so popular in japan .but When I was child,
I was attending christian school
(but I'm not Christian).

I like celebration.

in Japan, the girls' festival celebrated on March the third.

It's hinamatsuri dolls 

  1. お内裏様   The Emperor
  2. おひな様   The Empress
  3. 三人官女   Three court ladies 
  4. 五人囃子    Five musicians
  5. 左大臣   The minister of the left 
  6. 右大臣   The minister of the right
  7. 三人上戸   Three servants

Cherry blossoms bloom at the end of March.

celebrated and wishes are expressed for their future happiness.

Hinamatsuri is the day on which hina ningyo, a set of dolls dressed

in ancient costumes, are displayed together with peach blssoms as decoration.

spring color is really cute I think . 

I'm excited:)

I can't wait drink japanese rice sweet sake ! 

A sweet drink made of rice called amazake in offred!!

Wakuwaku ! 

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